Financial and Administrative Management

This product has been developed to offer complete back office management of businesses in the following areas: accounting/bookkeeping module, tax module, accounts receivable /billing module, collections module, accounts payable/invoicing module, payroll module, control bank account, legalities and debt restructuring, amongst other services. We become their internal administrative department – that will control all of their data and generate accurate monthly financial statements and overall condition of the business for monthly review or as needed. This way they will have professional management and will focus on what they do best. We will make sure that the business is doing well, and will be able to take actions before unfavorable things are to happen to that business. We wll charge a percentage of what they bill monthly for this service.

This service will enhance the company’s overall credit eligibility by guaranteeing that income, cash flow management, payables, receivables, collections, taxes, cost accounting, debt restructure, etc, are handled correctly, to the benefit of our clients, its fortification and growth to the next level.

In some instances financial products will be approved for a particular company, only if we take control of their back office management to insure good administrative performance. On the other hand, the outsourcing of the complete back office management to us, enables our clients to focus on their core business, and saves them thousands of dollars in their internal administration of costs, controls, income resource management, credit risk dilution for lenders, and other administrative aspects. On average, clients may save from 20% to 45% in overall back office management costs. Clients may still use their current CPA for reviewed or audited year end financials and year end tax returns if they so desire, for checks and balances.

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